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Car Bed 7 pcs. bedroom set
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Shark Study Desk
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Soccer Ball Medium Style - Bean Bag Chair
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Pirate 6 pcs. boys bedroom set
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Romantic 5 pcs. girls bedroom set
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Sleepy Futon Chair
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The Best Car Bed for Boys

A kid’s room is much more than a place to sleep. It’s a place to dream!

Our amazing car beds and fantasy-themed furniture are designed for youngsters who dream of racing in Formula One or setting sail in a pirate ship. Turbo Beds car beds are decked out with flashing headlights, custom stickers and available in many awesome colors. Check out our selection of theme-beds and get ready to enter the wonderful world of make-believe.

What are the Best Car Beds?

You want to get a high quality car bed, some of the cheaper models will scratch and fall apart within 6 months of heavy use by an active growing boy.

These particular car beds are built with high quality and durability in Europe - not China. All beds are car shaped, and keep the original design of the car, something that I think it's quite wonderful to say the least. The car can be placed virtually anywhere in the room, but the idea is to keep it as the central piece. After that you can even add multiple items near it that keep the same style and colors, in order to make the room a thematic one. This can include drawers, book cases and wardrobes in the shape of a car. What you will immediately like about these beds is the sheer amount of detail put into them. Colors are amazing, and you will immediately feel that you actually have a real car in your living room. However, keeping the theme probably the hardest thing. Fortunately, these car bed for boys from Europe offers an extensive set of products, like chairs, nightstands, bean bags, lamps and rugs that will help you keep the overall aspect of the room, and turn it into an amazing work of art. Kids will surely love all these new items you bring into their room. Some of them may even be used as toys, that's how cute they are. Keep in mind though that the decoration must be done professionally in order for the result to be top notch. In order to do this, you may need to hire a professional designer to help with the creation of the room.

A Variety of Colors.

From shiny desks to beautiful themed curtains, each have their own place, you just need to find it. All in all, I think that decorating your kid's room in this manner can be the most amazing gift a parent will give to his child. It shows a tremendous amount of effort from mom and dad, something that will surely be noticed by the child. Instantly, the bedroom will also be the place where your kid will start playing, as it provides the perfect theme for fun, long games. If you want to make your kid a unique birthday present, these car beds for boys are the best! You'll be amazed at how diverse and interesting their products are.